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Sintered Ware : 6 record(s)
Porosity Grades and their General Use
Porosity Grade Pore Size General Use
G-0 150-250 Coarse Filtration, Filtration, Gas dispersion and support for other filter material
G-1 90-150 Coarse Precipitate, Filtration, Gas dispersion, Coarse grain material filtration
G-2 40-90 Medium and Crystalline precipitate filtration, medium filtration and washing of glass.
G-3 15-40 Fine Gas filtration and dispersion, mercury filtration, fine grain material filtration,
collection of fine precipitates, Analytical work with medium precipitates.
G-4 5-15 Valves for mercury collection of very fine precipitates. Analytical work with fine

Exporter  Funnel Filtration Holder
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Catalogue No.
Funnel Filtration Holder Cork Type for 47 mm Membranes


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